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Following are comments, testimonials and tips from our users which may be of general interest.

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User Tips and Comments:


January 2014 from GG: After using the app for nearly 100 gambling sessions, I have stuck by the rules and recommendations. My gambling behavior has changed for the better. I now walk away a winner more often and I enjoy gambling much more that I did before. I would not go to a casino without the app.


June 2013 from GM: "This app is a winner! It has proven to me the value of adherence to basic rules of behavior control. I have adopted "If you can't leave, you can't win" as my guiding philosophy for gambling. My winning percentage is much higher now and I walk away knowing I have exercised control and made the best of my experience."


June 2013 from VB: "I wish I had access to this app years ago. It has to help anyone who gambles."


May 2013 from Teddy: "I like the app and the graphics. It is very complete and easy to use. Every gambler must have this app."