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Application Overview

OneRedChip is a user-controlled smart phone App, offering features and tools to get maximum enjoyment and reasonable consumer protection for your recreational gambling. For example, you may establish personal, affordable expenditure and time limits for gambling. The App may be used before a gambling session to plan your session and during a live gambling session to monitor your gambling activity and record your results. The App provides you with timely alerts and instant advisory messages as a live session progresses. The App enables you to review your results and create custom reports and keep notes, as desired.

The first step is registration. Two optional, self-administered "quizzes" are offered to provide you insight to your gambling "type" and what risks may be applicable to you based upon your knowledge of gambling and your approach. Then you will create your settings that drive the App to function uniquely for your needs. Review all the settings options to ensure the App will operate to meet your specific preferences.


The App contains help screens that assist you as you do your personal registration and set up and for your ongoing support. To open a help screen, just touch the blue question mark on the screen. To close a help screen, simply double-tap anywhere on the help screen.

During a live gambling session, the App will signal you to provide your current balance (remaining amount of money) at key intervals during your session (25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of time expired). Inputs of your current balance are defaulted to 50% and 100% of planned session time expired and are optional at 25% and 75%. Based upon your balance, the App will offer helpful advice, as applicable. The advice messages help you determine when to end a session to control your losses and take advantage of your winnings. Remember - "If you can't leave, you can't win".

IMPORTANT - The audio alert (4 tones) to provide money balance input is easily heard in a normal ambient noise level. However, in a very noisy environment, you may not hear the alert if the smart phone is carried in a pants pocket, which muffles the audio. Please adjust the volume and carry your phone in a location so that the alert can be heard. If you do not respond to the interim alerts, the phone will retain the last alert screen until you input your 100% time expired money balance.


Your smart phone will store one month of session data and reports for your convenience. The complete history of your data is stored in the central database and is accessible from the website www.oneredchip.com. You may construct a custom report from this website that displays all or any portion of your session data. Just log in with your user name and password and specify what you want to see on your report. The click on "create report" to see your session results summarized as you specified.

The gambling and behavioral experts that designed OneRedChip are confident that if you use the App consistently and follow the philosophy and advice provided, you will have more enjoyment from your recreational gambling and avoid potential issues. Have fun!