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About Us


OneRedChip is a special application (app) for smart mobile devices, designed by experts to safeguard its users from developing gambling issues, and thus provides an environment that results in a more enjoyable recreational experience from gambling. The OneRedChip app can be purchased and downloaded directly on a smart phone to provide consumer protection features. OneRedChip does not require electrical connection to the gaming vendor's network and is completely controlled by the user.

Initially, the app is compatible with the Apple iPhone, and later, it will be available for most popular smart mobile operating systems.
Features and tools of the system specifically function to protect those who choose to gamble. For example, a user may establish maximum losses and set time limits on gambling. The system will initiate messages that warn when limits are approached or reached and offer advisory action to the gambler. Reports and statistics are available to the user that are helpful to examine gambling behavior and understanding how to gamble "responsibly", that is enjoy the entertainment without suffering harm. Using the app will also raise awareness of the potential issues associated with gambling, which will lead to better prevention and practices and more enjoyment from recreational gambling.

OneRedChip has been described as a "safety net" to ensure maximum enjoyment from gambling while protecting from potential issues. The system is built around the proposition that gambling is a recreational activity that a great number of people enjoy, however, safeguards and controls are essential to avoid excessive or inappropriate gambling, commonly expressed in terms of money lost and/or time spent, and some degree of personal distress. OneRedChip assists you to control gambling, rather than allowing gambling to control you. Following are some principles and "rules of thumb" that provide good advice regarding gambling responsibly.


Golden Rules for Responsible Gambling


1. Budget your recreational gambling money. Set a budget for each gambling session and for each time period, such as monthly.


2. Gamble only an amount of money and time you can afford. Always determine how much you can afford to spend (lose) before your gambling session. Don't exceed your budgeted loss and time limit.


3. Predetermine a personal "significant amount" for either winning or losing. If you win a significant amount, hold back some of your winnings, and if you chose to gamble more, do so only with the remainder. If you lose a significant amount, reduce your bets, take a break, or call it a day.


4. When you are winning, you may elect to cautiously increase your bets.


5. Never play when you are tired or you are feeling the effects of alcohol or other substances.


6. Play only an amount per bet (hand or "spin") that you can afford. As a "rule of thumb" your budgeted loss limit should be able to cover at least 20-25 average bets.


7. Keep your gambling expectations reasonable. Understand the game and the "odds" before you play.


8. After five consecutive losing bets, revise your approach or switch to another table or machine. Stick with the principles of the game that maximize your odds of winning.


9. It is important that you have fun as a recreational gambler. Stopping while you are ahead will increase your overall enjoyment of the game. Remember "If you can't leave, you can't win.".


10. If you think you are having gambling issues, stop gambling for a period of time. If the situation does not improve when you begin to gamble again, stop gambling and seek help.