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More About OneRedChip


The OneRedChipTM App is patented for use on personal, smart mobile devices. It allows the user to plan responsible gambling sessions and use the App during active gambling sessions for personal tracking and control. The initial version is offered for the Apple iPhone. Versions will soon be available for other popular platforms. The App was created to fulfill a social purpose to aid and protect those who choose to gamble. The effective, voluntary process and guidance provided within the App serve to inform the user how to gamble responsibly and thus increase enjoyment from recreational gambling.

During live gambling sessions, the App must be "running" in order to capture activity and display appropriate messages of status and advice. Messages are announced by text, audible tones and vibration at key intervals during each gambling session. Notification will occur at 50% and 100% of budgeted session time expired and optionally at 25% and 75%. Simple input of current money balance, (starting balance budgeted plus or minus the amount won/lost) is required input upon notification.


Among other features, the key services provided by OneRedChip are:

* Secure registration and optional user self-assessment for current gambling "type" and risk factors.
* Ability to pre-plan gambling sessions or initiate a "session start" in real time.
* A means to track time and monetary status during gambling sessions and compare to planned limits.
* Automatic synchronization and storage of key user data.
* Real-time communication between the App and user during gambling sessions, only as needed.
* Real time and ad hoc reports of gambling activities.
* The option and ability to self-exclude from specific gambling venues and/or games played.


When you are ready to start using the OneRedChip App, begin with the registration process.

The App will lead you through functions and features such as:

Create your secure ID, User Information, Log-In
Optional Self-administered Gambling Questionnaire and Risk Factors Questionnaire
Establish reasonable money and time limits and personal "significant amounts"
Select favorite gambling venues
Select favorite gambling games
Specify self exclusions from venues or games

Choose desired alerts
View Reports
View/plan gambling sessions
Select preferred currency
Set maximum session budgets
Break time desired
Create custom messages
Record personal notes by session


The App is feature-rich and easy to learn and use.

Many help screens are available. Just touch the blue question mark to open a help screen.

To close any help screen, just double-tap anywhere on the help screen.