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Welcome to OneRedChip!


OneRedChip is a special application (App) for smart mobile devices to personally manage your recreational gambling. The interactive App is designed to guide you to have more fun and less stress by gambling responsibly and avoiding potential issues. OneRedChip allows you to create a personal, custom environment with minimal effort to maximize your enjoyment of recreational gambling. The OneRedChip App can be purchased and downloaded directly to a smart phone and its operation does not require electrical connection to any gaming venue's network. The App is completely and voluntarily user controlled. The App is currently available for the Apple iPhone, and soon will be ported to other popular smart mobile operating systems. Features and tools of the system are specifically integrated for each individual user to quickly and easily set up and implement personal, proven parameters which are used to protect from possible gambling issues. You use the App while actively gambling and also for planning and reports. For example, the App guides you to establish your reasonable monetary loss budget and time limit for gambling. The App will initiate notification messages when your limits are approached or reached and will offer advisory action, including how to manage your winnings while a session is in progress. Reports and statistics are provided to track all your gambling activity and results. Use of the App helps you develop an understanding how one gambles most effectively and "responsibly".

In summary, using OneRedChip raises your awareness, and provides expert guidance to increase enjoyment from recreational gambling, as entertainment, while providing sensible protection.  


About Us


OneRedChip is an organization of experienced gambling experts that operates for the benefit of the gambling public. Our staff has designed, built and patented this unique App specifically for your personal use on smart mobile devices. The App, when used conscientiously and consistently, informs, assists, and guides you regarding how to attain maximum enjoyment from your recreational gambling. The App features easy-to-use, customizable tools that allow you to create your "personal road map" to optimize gambling experiences. The OneRedChip App can be purchased and downloaded directly to your smart device. Its operation does not require electrical connection to the gaming vendor's network. The App is completely user controlled.   read more


OneRedChip's Philosophy


"If you can't leave, you can't win."


For the majority of gamblers, gambling should be a recreational activity. To attain maximum enjoyment, you must be consistent in approaching gambling as recreation. This requires staying in control ("Have fun and stay grounded") and only devoting an amount of time and money to gambling that is discretionary. It is especially important to stop a gambling session at a point where you have either won or lost an amount that you consider "significant". This is the crux of our philosophy of "If you can't leave, you can't win". To read more detail, go to Understanding Your Risks.